Doing Bathroom Renovations after a Water Leak Can Be A Blessing!

Creative Ideas from Trusted Renovation Contractors

Water damage in the bathroom from a pipe burst, leaking shower stall or old toilet is common. While the inconvenience and damage are frustrating, look on the bright side. You can now undertake a full bathroom remodel and redesign this space just the way you want! Plan properly and entrust your bathroom renovation to experienced remodelers.

Don’t stop at repairing or replacing the only the faulty plumbing or fixture. In addition to potential mold growth, wet flooring and walls can create serious structural problems. Instead, use the opportunity to create that personal spa you have always dreamed of. Here are some trending ideas to consider for your bathroom remodel.

Remodeling Tips for a Water-Damaged Bathroom 

A luxurious freestanding tub, hot water on-demand, low-flow toilets, radiant heated flooring; the possibilities are endless. What’s more, your upgrades will enhance the appeal and value of your Santa Clara Valley home. Remember that less is more when it comes to design these days. The modern trend is clean lines and finishes.   

  1. Glam up your spa with a freestanding tub: Contemporary or classic, a chic freestanding tub adds charm to your bathroom. Treat yourself to a luxurious spa-like bathing experience with microjets. Modern materials and metallic finishes can give it timeless appeal.
  2. Improve look and functionality with an accessible, frameless shower: Walk-in frameless and curbless showers with a built-in bench have seen a surge in demand. Apart from giving your bathroom an elegant feel, the accessible design also makes it easier for seniors and family members with disabilities to use.
  3. Dress it up with a furniture-like vanity: Lighten it up with a dresser-like freestanding vanity with legs rather than a clunky traditional one. It will not only give the space an airy feel but also show off your beautiful flooring. Embellish the vanitywith a quartz countertop that requires little to no maintenance.
  4. Add luxury with LED lighting: Use a combination of pendants, recessed lighting and under vanity fixtures to bathe the room in light. Install dimmers to create the right ambience and conserve energy. Efficient LEDs are easier on your electricity bills. You can conveniently control new systems via your smart phone.
  5. Step it up with radiant flooring: Tile, stone, wood, laminate — there is a heating system for virtually all types of bathroom flooring. Larger tiles minimize grout lines and give your floors a clean look.

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