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Ideas for Updating Your Bathroom

IDEAS FOR UPDATING YOUR BATHROOM Thinking About Updating Your Bathroom? You Are Not Alone Turn Your Bathroom Pet Peeves into a Remodeling Checklist Is there something that constantly irks you about your current bathroom layout or décor? Thinking about updating your bathroom? You are not alone. From sprucing up with new shower curtains to gutting an outdated bathroom and starting from scratch, you might be surprised how many people share your bathroom cringe triggers. At California Bathroom and Kitchen Remodelers, we can help you turn your most embarrassing bathroom features into upgrades y…

Increase the Value of Your Home with these Bathroom Design Tips

INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME WITH THESE BATHROOM DESIGN TIPS Bathroom Design Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home Extra Storage, Stylish Décor, Enhanced Features, New Fittings & Floors Are you tired of your drab bathroom but worried that renovations could drain your bank account? The truth is that you don’t have to start from scratch to achieve a fresh, modern look. According to the National Association of Realtors, you can recoup up to 70% of the cost of redesigning your bathroom. So, what do you have to lose besides outdated fittings and dull walls or floors? Get inspired to pl…

Ideas for a Safe and Slip Proof Bathroom

USEFUL IDEAS FOR A SAFE AND SLIP-PROOF BATHROOM Address Bathroom Safety Issues in the Design with Simple Solutions You’re redesigning or fall-proofing your bathroom and want to incorporate safety features that will help prevent slips and falls. You love the glossy floors that are non-porous and easy to clean but want to prevent water puddling. You want to avoid slick surfaces underfoot, and treacherous shower or tub surfaces that can send you skittering to a hard stop. You need the best ideas for a safe and slip-proof bathroom. The experienced team at California Bathroom and Kitchen Remod…

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for San Jose

INSPIRING BATHROOM REMODELING IDEAS FOR SAN JOSE Design a Smarter, More Convenient Bathroom for Long-Term Living When you decide to upgrade your bathroom, the possibilities are endless. Keep in mind that your needs and tastes will change over the years. Try to focus on timeless appeal and functionality for your bathroom makeover. Choose easy-care materials that make cleaning the bathroom less onerous and time-consuming. Our skilled designers have put together these inspiring bathroom remodeling ideas for San Jose residents. Brighten Up Your Bathroom and Make Life Easier Maximize the use o…

Update Your Dark, Dated Kitchen with a Smarter Layout and a Brighter Look

UPDATE YOUR DARK, DATED KITCHEN WITH A SMARTER LAYOUT AND A BRIGHTER LOOK Ideas to Update Your Dark, Dated Kitchen Remodel for a Smarter Layout and a Brighter Look Experienced designers and craftsmen can help you make the most of the space you have. From repurposing your mudroom for more kitchen space to adding a skylight to bring in natural light, we can help you update your dark, dated kitchen. Remember, it’s important to prepare for your kitchen renovation to help things go smoothly! Strategic Kitchen Layouts and Design Elements that Capture Light Here are a few ideas to brighten your…

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Monte Sereno

BATHROOM REMODELING CONTRACTORS IN MONTE SERENO Add Luxury and Innovation to Your Bathroom California Bathroom & Kitchen Remodelers, Inc. delivers personalized bathroom refinishing and remodeling services throughout the Monte Sereno area. Whether you’re looking for design inspiration or expert installers, we’ll see you through the completion of your traditional, contemporary or resort-inspired bathroom renovation. Partner with the best bathroom remodeling contractors in Monte Sereno to build your dream bathroom. Replace outdated fixtures, showers, and tubs without changing the layout o…

Designing an Island in a Small Kitchen

SMART IDEAS FOR DESIGNING AN ISLAND IN A SMALL KITCHEN Ideas for Designing an Island in a Small Kitchen Add Beauty, Functionality, and Additional Seating to Your Kitchen Make the best use of available space and improve your small kitchen’s functionality with a custom island designed, built, and installed by California Bathroom & Kitchen Remodelers. Freestanding or built-in islands enhance your kitchen’s appearance, and you can add amenities such as storage, electrical outlets, appliances, and seating. Need fresh ideas to update your entire kitchen? See our photo gallery for inspiratio…

Relaxing Paint Colors for Your Home

RELAXING PAINT COLORS FOR YOUR HOME Relaxing Paint Colors for Your Kitchen and Bath Remodel Choose Soothing Hues for Your Busy Home While sunshine, blue skies, greenery, ocean views and scenic landscapes are proven ways to find relaxation in the outdoors, simply choosing relaxing paint colors can offer a similar feeling inside your home. At California Bathroom & Kitchen Remodelers, we do everything we can to make your remodel as stress-free as possible. Our goal is to leave you with warm, inviting spaces where your family can unwind and relax. The Wall Street Journal recently published…

Technological Innovations that will Change Your Kitchen

TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR KITCHEN Hands-Free is the Mantra of Future Kitchen Designs In a world of high innovation and demand for modern conveniences, have you given a thought to the numerous technological innovations that will change your kitchen? With multitasking being paramount, today’s kitchens often serve as more than prep or cook spaces. They offer the perfect backdrop for dining, entertaining, socializing, or even working from home during the COVID-19 era, and beyond. At California Bathroom and Kitchen Remodelers, we believe the future of the kitchen is smartp…

Request a Remote Home Renovations Review

REQUEST A REMOTE HOME RENOVATIONS REVIEW We Can Visit Your Home Virtually! The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has prompted many of us to take on critical remodeling projects for accommodating your families’ new remote working and virtual learning needs. However, many homeowners worry about the risk of people outside of their safe bubble entering their home for such projects. At California Bathroom and Kitchen Remodelers, we have simplified this process in order to minimize in-person contact wherever possible. You can now request a remote home renovations review and walk us through your kitch…

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