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Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Serving Santa Clara Valley • 408.360.9700

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Serving Santa Clara Valley • 408.360.9700

Explore the Top Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2023


Design Inspiration – from Small Renovations to Major Overhauls

What are some of the biggest remodeling trends on the radar this year? Some older ones are making a dramatic comeback (think bold wallpaper), while newer ones like bidets and wet rooms are gaining popularity. At California Kitchen and Bath Remodelers, our experienced team can assist you in evaluating your current bathroom to determine a budget and plan for a makeover. From small renovations to updating a larger bathroom, we will help you get the biggest bang for your buck with the best bathroom remodeling ideas for 2023.

Do you still have the original bathroom for your San Jose home built in the 80s or 90s? Our expert remodelers will be happy to share useful tips and tricks on modernizing your bathroom to match your lifestyle needs and creative vision. We are ready to help you bring enhanced function and exquisite form to your home in San Jose, Willow Glen, Almaden, Los Gatos, or Cambrian.

Significant Bathroom Trends that Deliver a Whole New Look

When our skilled designers discuss bathroom remodeling ideas for 2023, we present you with the top trends and tailor them to fit your home. You can achieve amazing things with well-considered updates, such as a new tub that forms the centerpiece of your bathroom or a lower vanity to accommodate children and family members with disabilities.

Some homeowners want to maintain the original character of their homes. If your home was built or last updated in the 1980s and 1990s, things probably look a bit outdated. Fortunately, you can have the best of both worlds. Keep one foot in the past with a focal feature indicative of the build date. You can celebrate the 80s by leaving in gold bathtub fixtures for a spa-like opulence, for example. However, you’ll want to trade in small, worn tiles for 12-inch ones you can easily maintain. Go for stone or porcelain to upgrade old ceramic tiles.

Here are additional pointers to escape the 80s and 90s time loop going on in your bathroom!

  • Add a decorative mirror to replace a large, flat one.
  • Modernize gold or opulent fixtures by choosing sleek new brushed metal models.
  • Update the lighting from frilly 80s sconces to chic LED lighting.
  • Paint the dusty blue or peach walls with neutral tones to bid the 90s farewell
  • Get rid of damaged vanities and put in an extra sink if there’s room
  • Update that old-world wainscoting with subway tile installed vertically
  • Facilitate aging-in-place in an ADA-compliant bathroom, with a chic wet room for your shower area

Achieve the look you want with the best bathroom remodeling contractors in San Jose. We cover everything from installing double sinks, bidets, and wet rooms, to updating your lighting, adding stylish cabinetry, replacing the flooring, and much more.

Minor Bathroom Design Updates with a Big Impact

You can transform the look and feel of your bathroom with as little as one or two well-planned changes.

  • Change your pedestal sink for a compact sink-and-vanity combination to give you added storage.
  • Don’t waste overhead space. Take cabinets to the ceiling and add a shelving unit over the toilet to store extra supplies.
  • Use large tiles if you decide to tile an accent wall. They’re easier to install, fix, and clean.

Looking for more bathroom remodeling ideas for your 2023 home makeover? Contact us today! Our service area includes San Jose, Willow Glen, Almaden, Los Gatos, and Cambrian. Call 408-360-9700 to set up an in-home consultation.


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