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Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Serving Santa Clara Valley • 408.360.9700

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Serving Santa Clara Valley • 408.360.9700

Author: Shardul Gaikwad

Discover Key Kitchen Trends Heading into 2024

Over the years, we have seen kitchens transform from mere cooking spaces into the beating hearts of our homes. If your kitchen renovation is on the horizon, you may benefit from a sneak peek into the top kitchen trends heading into 2024. Designing a space with an eye on the future will not only improve the functionality of your kitchen, but it will also elevate your family’s everyday experiences within your home. With 2024 just around the corner, California Bathroom and Kitchen Remodelers is excited to help you reimagine your dream kitchen.

Eco-Friendly Cabinet Materials for a Green Kitchen

As established kitchen remodelers, we know that sustainability is at the forefront of kitchen trends heading into 2024. Homeowners are increasingly seeking eco-friendly materials that not only reduce their carbon footprint but also offer stunning aesthetic appeal. Materials like bamboo, cork, reclaimed timber, and recycled glass can create a distinctive look while being more eco-friendly than traditional alternatives.

Integrated Smart Technology for a Smarter Kitchen

Advanced tech solutions are taking kitchen functionality to the next level. Homeowners are embracing voice-controlled lighting, touchless faucets, and smart-connected appliances to streamline cooking tasks in their modern, high-tech kitchens.

Induction Cooktops for a High-Performance Cooking Space

Induction cooktops are primed to outshine gas ranges thanks to their eco-friendly operation and advanced features. These adaptable cooktops provide precise temperature control, quicker cooking times, and versatile designs that complement any kitchen style. Exceptional performance, coupled with the ability to seamlessly integrate into kitchen islands, solidifies their status as the top choice for creating a beautiful culinary space heading into 2024.

Retro-Modern Designs Bring Class to Your Kitchen

As we approach 2024, the kitchen design industry is abuzz with the fusion of modern appliances and classic wooden cabinetry. This mix of the old and the new creates a unique aesthetic that feels both modern and cozy. The streamlined look of induction cooktops can be smoothly incorporated into retro designs to create a classic feel with modern functionality.

Gold and Bronze Hardware to Create an Elegant Kitchen

In 2024, the always popular stainless-steel aesthetic is giving way to a colorful new trend. Gold and bronze fixtures are set to take center stage by providing a striking contrast against the backdrop of minimalist designs. Whether it’s a faucet, cabinet handles, or pendant lights, the interplay of gold with clean white and black surfaces creates a sophisticated look and a stunning pop of color in your updated, gorgeous kitchen.

Multifunctional Kitchen Islands to Fit Every Need

As we prepare to step into 2024, kitchen islands are becoming versatile activity hubs. To address the space constraints faced by many homeowners, these islands come with additional features like adjustable heights, built-in charging stations, and retractable workspaces, enabling them to serve multiple purposes. They can be customized to function as remote work desks, study areas for children, and adaptable spaces for entertaining.

Modular, Open Shelving for Versatile Storage Solutions

While open shelving isn’t one of the latest kitchen trends, more homeowners are realizing the advantages of modular shelving units. This type of shelving offers greater flexibility to transform your kitchen storage effortlessly. You can display dinnerware, store small appliances, and create visually appealing arrangements by adjusting shelf heights and introducing colorful accents.

Create Your Own Kitchen Trend with Expert Kitchen Remodelers

As you consider the top kitchen trends heading into 2024, the pros at California Bathroom and Kitchen Remodelers are the trusted partners you can turn to for a space that boasts innovation, functionality, and style. Whether you’re leaning toward a retro-modern aesthetic, inspired by the serenity of ecofriendly design, or have your own unique ideas, our kitchen remodelers will deliver on time, on budget.

If you’re ready to ride the wave of kitchen trends heading into 2024, book your free, no obligation, in-home consultation today. Give us a call at 408-360-9700 or contact us online.

10 Key Factors Likely to Affect Your Bathroom Remodel Cost

Rein In Costs that Can Blow Your Budget

You have big dreams for your bathroom and lots of ideas are competing for your dollars. California Bathroom and Kitchen Remodelers has a skilled team of designers and installers ready to help make your new bathroom spectacular in San Jose, Willow Glen, Almaden, Los Gatos, Cambrian, Monte Sereno, or Los Altos Hills. Before you finalize your budget, consider the key factors that affect your bathroom remodel cost.

Bathroom Remodeling Budget Breakdown

It’s important to understand the overall breakdown of your remodeling budget so you can avoid unnecessary expenses. From unexpected electrical and plumbing work to the rising cost of labor, there are many components that can derail your carefully budgeted bathroom renovation.  

Here are the top 10 factors likely to affect your bathroom remodel cost in the San Jose area:

  1. Shocking electrical costs: If your electrical system hasn’t been updated recently, it may cost up to $5,000 to replace bathroom wiring and outlets. You’ll also need to run wiring for an exhaust fan if you don’t have one, and modern lighting fixtures require reliable connections to work properly. Our team can inspect your electrical system so you can include essential changes in your budget.
  2. Expensive plumbing changes: You may need to change the layout of your bathroom to maximize space and functionality. However, don’t underestimate the cost of the resulting plumbing changes or your funding may drain quickly.
  3. Potentially high permitting costs: According to Architectural Digest, you could pay between $100 to $1,000 for permits, depending on your location and the size of the job. However, it’s not a good idea to skip this step, as it can result in hefty fines and delays.
  4. ADA compliance: It’s a great idea to add grab bars, shower seating, and other ADA-compliant upgrades as part of your remodel. In fact, we highly recommend changes such as wider doorways and wall-mounted sinks that will support aging in place for yourself or an older adult in your household. Work with our remodeling experts to focus on changes that will make the most impact without a hefty price tag.
  5. Tiles and flooring materials: The type of flooring you choose will greatly contribute to your overall bathroom remodeling cost. Flooring materials also vary significantly in price and quality. However, while stone, hardwood, and tile flooring may cost more, these materials can also increase your home value. Just make sure to use water-resistant materials that stand up well to regular use.
  6. Size of your bathroom: Smaller bathrooms will typically require fewer materials than opulent home spas. They may also inspire more humble changes. For your large bathroom makeover, look for ways to rein in project scope to keep your costs within limits.
  7. Fixtures and appliances: Faucets, sinks, toilets, and hardware come in an array of styles and prices. Choose attractive materials that are resistant to corrosion and rust.
  8. Tubs and showers: From walk-in tubs and showers to hydro jets and fancy showerheads, you can quickly rack up a high bill in this area. You can choose to focus on functionality and essential changes rather than flashy finishes and hardware.
  9. Labor cost: Your labor costs will scale up or down in relationship to the complexity of your changes. Work with our expert bathroom remodelers and designers to make simple changes that impact the look and feel of your finished bathroom in a big way. That may include choosing tiles that are easier to install and make the room look bigger or using materials that are easier to work with, such as ceramic tiles versus porcelain ones.
  10. Your bathroom contractor’s track record: When you work with a reputable bathroom contractor, you can count on honesty and integrity. That can save you money on every aspect of your bathroom renovation.

Are you ready to start planning your new bathroom? If so, work with a contractor that considers all the key factors that affect your bathroom remodel cost. Contact us online or call 408-360-9700 for a free quote for your home in San Jose, Willow Glen, Almaden, Los Gatos, Cambrian, Monte Sereno, or Los Altos Hills.

No Obligation Bathroom Remodeling Estimates

Plan Your Bathroom Remodel with Accurate Budgeting

Bathroom remodeling can have different cost levels based on the size of the room and the extent of planned changes. Do your goals include renewing bath surrounds and updating lights and fixtures? Are you aiming for a makeover that includes a full tear down and renovation? California Bathroom & Kitchen Remodelers offers in-home visits to understand the scope of your project and provide free bathroom remodeling estimates.

Partner with us to add value to your home, fix damage, and enhance the functionality of your bathroom or powder room. We serve homeowners across San Jose, Willow Glen, Almaden, Los Gatos, and Cambrian.

What Are Your Bathroom Remodeling Goals?

According to Forbes, the average cost of a bathroom renovation is $10,000. However, small changes may fit within a few thousand dollars. Simpler goals, such as repairing damage from a water leak will cost much less than a full remodel.

Similarly, you can spend $30,000 or more if you want luxury fittings, high-tech bathroom fixtures, and top of the line materials for a fully updated, modern bathroom. With the added value, you can recoup what you spend if you decide to sell your home. Put another way, giving your half-bath a new look will cost less than gutting your 500 sq. ft. luxury master bathroom to install a high end bathtub, designer shower stall, marble floors, and quartz countertops.

We’ll discuss your goals and budget to start, and then help you determine the most cost-effective solution for your bathroom remodeling project. Nail down your plans early so you can prepare an accurate budget based on free bathroom remodeling estimates from our experienced and knowledgeable team.

What to Include in Your Bathroom Renovation Budget

Prioritize your design choices and materials based on these industry standards:

  • Labor – 20%
  • Cabinetry and hardware – 16%
  • Walls and ceilings – 5%
  • Doors and windows – 4%
  • Design – 4%
  • Faucets and plumbing – 14%
  • Countertops – 7%
  • Fixtures – 15%
  • Flooring – 9%
  • Lighting and ventilation – 5%
  • Other – 1%

Pro tip: Pad your estimates by 10% to 20% to prevent going over your budget.

When you work with our experienced estimators and remodelers, the budgeting process goes quickly and smoothly at no cost to you.

Need ideas to get started? Browse our gallery to find inspiration for your bathroom remodel.

Looking for more advice on how to plan and stay on budget for your bathroom makeover? Contact us today for free bathroom remodeling estimates in San Jose, Willow Glen, Almaden, Los Gatos, and Cambrian. Call 408-360-9700 to set up an in-home assessment.

Explore the Top Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2023

Design Inspiration – from Small Renovations to Major Overhauls

What are some of the biggest remodeling trends on the radar this year? Some older ones are making a dramatic comeback (think bold wallpaper), while newer ones like bidets and wet rooms are gaining popularity. At California Kitchen and Bath Remodelers, our experienced team can assist you in evaluating your current bathroom to determine a budget and plan for a makeover. From small renovations to updating a larger bathroom, we will help you get the biggest bang for your buck with the best bathroom remodeling ideas for 2023.

Do you still have the original bathroom for your San Jose home built in the 80s or 90s? Our expert remodelers will be happy to share useful tips and tricks on modernizing your bathroom to match your lifestyle needs and creative vision. We are ready to help you bring enhanced function and exquisite form to your home in San Jose, Willow Glen, Almaden, Los Gatos, or Cambrian.

Significant Bathroom Trends that Deliver a Whole New Look

When our skilled designers discuss bathroom remodeling ideas for 2023, we present you with the top trends and tailor them to fit your home. You can achieve amazing things with well-considered updates, such as a new tub that forms the centerpiece of your bathroom or a lower vanity to accommodate children and family members with disabilities.

Some homeowners want to maintain the original character of their homes. If your home was built or last updated in the 1980s and 1990s, things probably look a bit outdated. Fortunately, you can have the best of both worlds. Keep one foot in the past with a focal feature indicative of the build date. You can celebrate the 80s by leaving in gold bathtub fixtures for a spa-like opulence, for example. However, you’ll want to trade in small, worn tiles for 12-inch ones you can easily maintain. Go for stone or porcelain to upgrade old ceramic tiles.

Here are additional pointers to escape the 80s and 90s time loop going on in your bathroom!

  • Add a decorative mirror to replace a large, flat one.
  • Modernize gold or opulent fixtures by choosing sleek new brushed metal models.
  • Update the lighting from frilly 80s sconces to chic LED lighting.
  • Paint the dusty blue or peach walls with neutral tones to bid the 90s farewell
  • Get rid of damaged vanities and put in an extra sink if there’s room
  • Update that old-world wainscoting with subway tile installed vertically
  • Facilitate aging-in-place in an ADA-compliant bathroom, with a chic wet room for your shower area

Achieve the look you want with the best bathroom remodeling contractors in San Jose. We cover everything from installing double sinks, bidets, and wet rooms, to updating your lighting, adding stylish cabinetry, replacing the flooring, and much more.

Minor Bathroom Design Updates with a Big Impact

You can transform the look and feel of your bathroom with as little as one or two well-planned changes.

  • Change your pedestal sink for a compact sink-and-vanity combination to give you added storage.
  • Don’t waste overhead space. Take cabinets to the ceiling and add a shelving unit over the toilet to store extra supplies.
  • Use large tiles if you decide to tile an accent wall. They’re easier to install, fix, and clean.

Looking for more bathroom remodeling ideas for your 2023 home makeover? Contact us today! Our service area includes San Jose, Willow Glen, Almaden, Los Gatos, and Cambrian. Call 408-360-9700 to set up an in-home consultation.

Do You Know What Determines Bathroom Remodeling Costs?

How Much Will You Pay for Bathroom Renovations?

Bathrooms see more use than many other rooms in your home. They require regular maintenance and updates. Occasionally, you may need to invest in a complete remodel. In setting your budget, you may wonder how much other homeowners spend to beautify this essential space. The answer depends on a variety of factors that determine bathroom remodeling costs.

Recent data from home-improvement site Angi indicates an average spend of $10,788 nationally, or about $70 to $275 per square foot on bathroom remodeling. With growing labor shortages and supply chain issues affecting material availability, these costs can quickly spiral upward. In fact, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), most primary bathroom renovation costs are now averaging between $20,000-$30,000, and can go up to $50,000 or more.

Do you have big ideas to fit into your renovations budget? California Bathroom and Kitchen Remodelers can help you create a functional, beautiful, high-tech bathroom.

How to Envision and Budget for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Remodeling projects may involve adding new lighting, flooring, countertops, cabinets, a mirror, and fresh paint. However, some renovations require construction to re-route plumbing, expand the room, and refurbish the space from the studs up.

Here are some of the major construction costs that cause your bathroom remodeling budget to expand rapidly:

  • Drywall replacement
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical work
  • New fixtures and fittings

Find out how materials, repairs, and other elements impact your total bathroom remodeling costs.

Materials, Existing Damage, and Other Factors Influencing Renovation Costs

Pricing for bathroom remodeling can vary based on materials, square footage, fittings, and fixtures (showers, toilets, tubs, sinks, cabinets, shelving, and vanities), and finishes (marble, granite, porcelain, brass, copper, and other options).

  • Lumber: If you need lumber to replace damaged studs, it can add significant costs to your project. Supply chain issues in the lumber industry have increased the price of lumber. Rising demand may mean waiting longer for materials to arrive, potentially delaying your project. Our professionals handle materials procurement to make the process hassle-free for you.
  • Scale: It’s essential to plan out large, primary bathroom remodels with high-end fixtures and expensive materials. If you need to move or replace plumbing and electric hook-ups, for example, it may add thousands of dollars to your bathroom remodel. Fortunately, our experienced designers and installers can help you stay focused on changes that will turn your remodel into a major lifestyle upgrade. Done correctly, your updated bathroom will also significantly increase your home’s value.
  • Flooring: Vinyl, porcelain, ceramic, and other flooring options form the foundation of your bathroom remodel. We can recommend materials and styles that meet your renovation goals.

Before you can enjoy that first soak in your new jetted tub, consider how the quality of materials and finishes will impact your total costs.

Rarity and Quality of Materials

The number, type, and brand of fixtures are a major factor in your renovation decision-making process. Consider cohesive style, longevity, and cost before making your final decisions. We love brass, stainless steel, and bronze faucets, and can match the theme of your design!

  • Brass faucet (most expensive): Highly recommended when you want a sturdy faucet. Brass faucets resist leaks, are easy to clean, have a beautiful shine, and come in gloss or matte finishes.
  • Zinc faucet: Zinc is a great alternative to brass but won’t last as long, tending to corrode.
  • Stainless steel faucet: This is another more affordable but less durable alternative to brass. It resists corrosion and cleans up easily.
  • Plastic faucet (least expensive): Although it’s the least expensive option, a plastic faucet requires frequent replacement.
  • Chrome: Chrome is popular, versatile, resistant to damage, and durable.
  • Nickel: Nickel has a distinctive finish and lasts a long time. One of the most long-lasting options, it comes with a higher price tag too.

Consider quality options that will look amazing in your new bathroom and stand the test of time.

Square Footage

To an extent, square footage drives the cost of renovations, because you’ll need more flooring, paint, and other materials for larger bathrooms. On the other hand, if you choose cheaper or costlier faucets and other fixtures, it will lower or raise the total cost.

Corners Versus Rounded Features

Rounded features generally cost more than square or straight-edge ones. Consider this when choosing the style of your countertops, baseboards, and drywall finishing. Rounded edges may also add to the labor costs and time, so determine whether they are integral to your overall design.

Quality of Existing Structure

A typical bathroom remodel may include some plumbing and electrical work. You may need to replace your flooring due to dry rot, tear down drywall to eliminate mold or water damage, or otherwise invest in your home’s infrastructure. Factor in these costs first and scale your upgrades accordingly. Otherwise, you could end up paying more to repair and replace later and risk undoing your bathroom remodel. You might also want to think about improvements that meet ADA guidelines for safety.  

For high-quality materials and well-crafted looks, you can trust California Bathroom and Kitchen Remodelers. Our service areas include San Jose, Willow Glen, Almaden, Los Gatos, and Cambrian.

Call 408-360-9700 to learn more about what determines bathroom remodeling costs or contact us online for an estimate.